Tilt up and turn…

It would be a good idea to check in with someone today in a unique way! Send a message, email, text, with the purpose of tilting them upward and turning their day around, some of your loved ones and friends may be in a funk and a link from you may just be the antidote!! Try it but don’t force it, and if you can use that same treatment now, you’re always allowed to do something great for yourself 😊

F%ck cancer or fix it… What say you? 🤔

Even though it’s a very catchy and frequently used cliche I’ve never been able to say “F%ck cancer”. It’s never worked for me, sure cancer has hurt/touched many of us in ways that we may never be able to deal with fully, it’s definitely changed my life and been destructive for decades, but yet I prefer to know more and understand how to best deal with it than just get mad/sad and yell out “F%CK CANCER!!”, I’d rather say… Fix cancer, wooooosah.

I’d also suggest doing basic research, this way you’re better prepared to even have a meaningful conversation regarding the topic. Some of my biggest frustrations come when some folks engage me regarding the illness/treatment but have no idea what they’re talking about and basically start venting or retelling a random “cancer story” 😟, but yet so much of this info is public knowledge… Like I always say, look it up! The more we know individually the more we can do collectively.

I don’t have all the answers but I’ll share what I know the best I can. Hopefully this helps someone today or in the near future.

#1 FAQ – “How did you know you had Cancer?”

I officially knew when I was diagnosed but leading up to that I wasn’t feeling like “Me”, although I was still acting like “Me”. First I realized I was extremely fatigued at the end of most days, constant night sweats, summer time cold that never went away no matter what over the counter medications I took, lost weight, skin/scalp itching, shortness of breath due to fluid built up on  my lungs, slight organ pains and swollen lymph-nodes (neck & underarms).