#1 FAQ – “How did you know you had Cancer?”

I officially knew when I was diagnosed but leading up to that I wasn’t feeling like “Me”, although I was still acting like “Me”. First I realized I was extremely fatigued at the end of most days, constant night sweats, summer time cold that never went away no matter what over the counter medications I took, lost weight, skin/scalp itching, shortness of breath due to fluid built up on  my lungs, slight organ pains and swollen lymph-nodes (neck & underarms).

3 thoughts on “#1 FAQ – “How did you know you had Cancer?”

  1. How did I know I had cancer? I didn’t until I was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in July 2012. But the year before finding out I knew something wasn’t right. I had random benign skin issues on my hands and face, crazy itchy scalp, hives on my legs, episcleritis, a benign inflammatory disease of the eye, and extreme exhaustion. I was so fatigued I couldn’t be awake for more than a few hours at a time. Anywhere I went, I would look for a place to sit or lie down. And then in May 2012, a large lump appeared just above my collar bone. Swollen lymph nodes in my neck and chest.

    Thank you Spyda for starting this blog. This is the first time I have written about my #1 FAQ.


  2. Hey Emerson! Doing well. Feeling so much better. After three years, chemo brain is gone! Meet cancer patients every day at work. Feel so blessed to be able to share my story. I’m with you.


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