Look at me! Yay ☺️

  Lost a lot weight but that’s expected while going through transplant, eating more but still being very careful about overdoing it and slowing down the healing of my gut. Bilirubin is down from 21 to 14.8, normal is under 2, hair is growing, up and about today, 2 months more to go and hopefully I’ll be in much better shape. It’s going to be an epic come back! 1,2,3,4… One day at a time. #SPYDASTRONG (I actually feel pretty good, so this pic is encouraging to see, please be considerate)

7 thoughts on “Look at me! Yay ☺️

  1. I am excited to hear your bilirubin is down from 21 to 14.8. It’s much closer to the norm of 2. YAYYY for that! Keep being that strong spirit that you have always been.


  2. Flower, I am so proud of you and I appreciate you allowing me in your circle of knowledge, courage, positive energy, and love…look forward to seeing you in the coming months. 🙂


  3. I am SO BLESSED to know you. So humbled to see your Life Force, Your Spirit! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your life, your circle, your energy. It means so much to me. And thank you for reminding me that no matter How Dark the moment, no matter how deep the valley seems, it is a journey, a life journey. We have to enjoy our life WHILE we are living it. You give PEACE, so I pray PEACE be with and for you.


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