September 2015

  September 2015: Originally my transplant was scheduled the day after this event, it was changed the week before to November 1st. I personally never judge ppl, there’s always the possibility of something going on that we know nothing of. Learn from the past, live in the present but prepare for the future and deal with it when the time comes, that’s the way I roll 😁

2 thoughts on “September 2015

  1. Yow, Spyda you may not remember me but when I was living in the DC/MD area I used to hand out Temheri on the weekends and I used to enjoy your DJ skills. You may recognize me as a tall dark skinned bredda who used to hol’ mi corners, while vibing to the music. Anyway I have moved from that area now living in Fl and I don’t party anymore, but I was shocked to hear of your illness from a former student of mine. I just got directed to your blog page and I am pleased to know that it seems your treatments seemed to be working. I just want to let you know that I am rooting for you to overcome this illness so that you can get back to what your DJing. All the best!


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