Life is one big road w/ lots of signs.

Life is a serious thing, all kinds of twist and turns… Sometimes I wish there was another way I obtained the type of information that I share with the World daily, but apparently it was meant for me to experience these things first hand and then deliver the messages to you instead… I understand my position/roll and I humbly accept. It’s amazing what I’ve lived through… Just reflecting, but when I’m in “battle mode” I tend to block out what I’m actually going through at the time, then sometimes days/weeks/months after I fully process. It’s so much involved with being a Full-Time Cancer Survivor, JAH know, I haven’t even shared a tenth of it all but just know it’s real on the battlefield. I give thanks for my strength and support to be able to keep up the good fight against Lymphoma for almost 4 years.

Morning World!

Morning world, hope all is well and you had the weekend of your desire, if not, better luck next time!! // I know most folks pride theirselves on being able to defend any ‘bacchanal’ that comes their way, lol, a lot of us are good at it too, but I often wonder what all this over use and exposure to anger/negativity does to us short term and long term, I’m guessing it can’t be good πŸ˜•. Personally I avoid as much confrontation as I can, not because I can’t ‘defend it’, because I’ve realized how unhealthy it is, these aren’t things you may hear from your doctor, but there’s some truth to it. “The less you respond to negativity, the more peaceful your life will become…”. Make it a GREAT day folks 😊 

Roller Coaster Ride

Just one of those days, going through the motions… I’m used to the up/downs, that’s why sometimes I refer to my journey as a roller coaster ride. I had a conversation with one of my Doctors yesterday morning and he said, “it may take you a year OR two to fully recover from transplant and all the complications that comes with it”. I already knew that but it was sobering to hear it and then right after I’m not feeling so good, but suh’ it guh’. I surely didn’t sign up for baby war, this is the real deal on the battlefield, I expect to be wounded along the way, every challenge makes me stronger πŸ’ͺ🏾 #SPYDASTRONG #CHAMPIONBOY πŸ†

Medical update

Currently my liver is better, bilirubin is around 7-8 and expected to go down as I get better. My biggest issue is I’m not gaining weight because of GVHD, it’s not allowing my body to absorb all the food I intake, so I can eat a huge meal or several throughout the day and just get about  10 to 25% nutrients from it πŸ˜”. That’s why I’m still on TPN (nutrients through IV) to make up for what I’m not getting from food. Main focus is getting the GVHD under control and gradually stop taking a lot of the Meds associated with GVHD. It’s complicated but manageable and I believe my medical team at NIH has been making the best decisions since day 1, I’ve experienced some pretty challenging days/weeks/months and it’s no doubt I’ll make it through the final phase with great results… Most recently I’ve been offered a 4hr “day pass”, so I have the opportunity to be outside, get some fresh air and exercise 😊. Four months in the hospital isn’t a cake walk but you got to confident yourself if you want to make it! 1,2,3,4… One day at a time. #SPYDASTRONG

About last night.

Hi World, hope all is well… Today I was overwhelmed by the text, email, social medial post and pics/videos being sent to me from folks who attended the SPYDASTRONG Benefit last night at Eden, I truly felt the love even though I wasn’t there ☺️

THANKS to the organizers, talent, promotors, events/news websites and local businesses who put the event together and helped to spread the word, way too many to mention but you all know who you are πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

Big shouts to EVERYONE who attended, those who purchased shirts and all my supporters local and foreign, especially the ones who couldn’t make it but still insisted on donating, I truly appreciate you all πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
Have a great evening folks, bless-no stress πŸ™πŸΎ

Good News!!

Hello World, hope all is well… I’m living proof that “1,2,3,4… One day at a time” works! I’m feeling soooo much better this week, I’ve completed the 2 month treatment of defribrotide and my bilirubin (Liver) numbers have improved, they’re not back to normal but not far from, they’re not life threatening anymore… My diet is better, I can tolerate more food, walking around on my own and getting stronger, the only issue is I haven’t been gaining weight but was told not to worry because I’m not losing any either. I constantly have to remind myself I’ve been on the battlefield since Nov 1st 2015, so it expected for me to be beat up… All that to say, I’m super excited because my Doctors has reduced a lot of my medication which gives me “free time” off treatments, they’ve also offered day passes for a couple days, I get to go outside and venture for a couple hrs 😁 // This 4 year journey aka roller coaster ride have taken me places emotionally and physically I may never be able to fully explain but I know they’re are very much real and these challenges can be overcome if approached right and you believe in victory… I don’t have all the answers but here’s some GOOD NEWS “Cancer is NOT a death sentence!” // Make it a great day folks ☺️ #SPYDASTRONG

Take what YOU need!

Good morning world, hope all is well and you’re having the weekend of your desire, if not, better luck next time! It’s a new day, let’s focus on making the best of the cards we’re dealt and our resources! If you just feel like chilling today, just dweet’, don’t make it a task… Take what YOU need! Peace and blessings folks, make it a GREAT day!