PSA: I’m allergic to bad vibes.

Morning World, hope all is well and you had the weekend of your desire, if not, better luck next time!! // I’m truly allergic to bad vibes, I sense them very easily, it’s a gift and a curse because when I know for sure, it’s hard sometimes to figure out what to do next. My first reaction to bad vibes is get as far away as possible from them and the source… Unfortunately you may not be able to shake bad vibes from certain sources permanently and sometimes that’s frustrating and can draw you out of your character if they become constant. I’m putting it out in the Universe, I prefer to spend the rest of my life being as happy as possible, with limited to zero bad vibes, I’d like to stay humble, keep on learning and loving which will help me to maintain a great character and healthy life. Bless, no stress. Make it a GREAT day folks šŸ˜Š

One thought on “PSA: I’m allergic to bad vibes.

  1. Happy day to you too bro. I feel the EXACT same way and yes it’s difficult to escape it sometimes, the biggest example for me being at work. Luckily for me I don’t have a desk job so that remedy of distancing myself is usually easy to do.


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