Medical update

Admitted in February due to GVHD of gut and liver… Fast fwd ⏩, had extremely high bilirubin numbers (27), and currently being treated with defribrotide, 4 times a day, 2pm/8pm/2am/8am. Since I’ve started treatment the numbers has gone down (8), this treatment is scheduled until the end of May and hopefully by then my bilirubin numbers will be back to normal (under 2). If all goes well/as expected I should be discharged in June!! Which would complete a 4 month UNEXPECTED stay in the hospital. I’m looking forward to a nice and quiet recovery, no stress, lots of good vibes and food. I lost a lot of weight during this recent battle so safely gaining about 20 to 30lbs is high on my agenda 🙂

Thanks again for all the support during this time and over the past four years since I’ve been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Bless

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