Good News!!

Hello World, hope all is well… I’m living proof that “1,2,3,4… One day at a time” works! I’m feeling soooo much better this week, I’ve completed the 2 month treatment of defribrotide and my bilirubin (Liver) numbers have improved, they’re not back to normal but not far from, they’re not life threatening anymore… My diet is better, I can tolerate more food, walking around on my own and getting stronger, the only issue is I haven’t been gaining weight but was told not to worry because I’m not losing any either. I constantly have to remind myself I’ve been on the battlefield since Nov 1st 2015, so it expected for me to be beat up… All that to say, I’m super excited because my Doctors has reduced a lot of my medication which gives me “free time” off treatments, they’ve also offered day passes for a couple days, I get to go outside and venture for a couple hrs 😁 // This 4 year journey aka roller coaster ride have taken me places emotionally and physically I may never be able to fully explain but I know they’re are very much real and these challenges can be overcome if approached right and you believe in victory… I don’t have all the answers but here’s some GOOD NEWS “Cancer is NOT a death sentence!” // Make it a great day folks ☺️ #SPYDASTRONG

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