Medical update

Currently my liver is better, bilirubin is around 7-8 and expected to go down as I get better. My biggest issue is I’m not gaining weight because of GVHD, it’s not allowing my body to absorb all the food I intake, so I can eat a huge meal or several throughout the day and just get about  10 to 25% nutrients from it 😔. That’s why I’m still on TPN (nutrients through IV) to make up for what I’m not getting from food. Main focus is getting the GVHD under control and gradually stop taking a lot of the Meds associated with GVHD. It’s complicated but manageable and I believe my medical team at NIH has been making the best decisions since day 1, I’ve experienced some pretty challenging days/weeks/months and it’s no doubt I’ll make it through the final phase with great results… Most recently I’ve been offered a 4hr “day pass”, so I have the opportunity to be outside, get some fresh air and exercise 😊. Four months in the hospital isn’t a cake walk but you got to confident yourself if you want to make it! 1,2,3,4… One day at a time. #SPYDASTRONG

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