5 days to go!

Morning World, hope all is well and you’re having the weekend of your desire, if not!, better luck next time :). I try not to get too excited about things, especially until it happens but I must say, I’m truly looking forward to being discharged from the hospital on Friday, I’ve been through a lot on this 4 month stay, emotionally, physically and financially but I was able to keep up the good fight and stayed confident that better days were coming. Being discharged from the hospital doesn’t mean I’ll be outta road, here/there/everywhere, it means I get to recover at home and not have to be under constant monitoring. This is the time I really have to protect myself from the germs of the outside World and be careful who I come in contact with, what/where I eat etc, it’s a slow and long recovery process but it’s worth every second for me, so please understand there will be good days and bad days while I’m at home too so I’m really just trying to take my time and prefer not to be overwhelmed by anyone’s agenda or interest. My doctor reminded me it could take at least 2 years to fully recover from transplant and I’m willing to give myself all the time I need 🙂 // Make it a GREAT day folks!!

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