Please don’t kill my vibe.

“Please don’t kill my vibe 🙏🏾” // This is the best thing anyone can do for me, just stay clear if you’re about anything negative or even if you’re you’re in a bad mood, better we link when you get over it, ppl don’t realize how their bad vibes can attack your good vibes (true story). I got a lot to worry about already, and even those things I don’t worry about that much… So although it may not look it on “social media”, I got more than enough going on “inna real life” right now! #LlowMe 

The journey continues…

Such a roller coaster ride, twist and turns at anytime… I just try to keep calm, prepared and have a positive outlook on life at all times, so even when things feel like they’re breaking bad, I still have a level head. 1,2,3,4…One day at a time.

Good Day World…

Good day World, hope all is well, glad we all woke up today… “Try” make the best of it but at least enjoy some part of the day if not all of it. We are all leaders and don’t have to join a line to do great things, you can start anytime/anywhere… S/O to those fighting the good fight against whatever challenge(s) their facing, hang in there, you’re doing great!! Since being diagnosed with #Lymphoma #Cancer I’ve experienced and learned A LOT. As a professional I’ve always had a high level of success because I plan ahead to keep ahead, but then life after Lymphoma taught me how to stay afloat in ever changing times, sometimes your plans are no longer options, something that I wasn’t really used to. Having to deal with this roller coaster ride for 4 years has made me mentally stronger, more efficient, innovative and forward leaning, it’s a great lesson to learn at a high price but I’ll take it… #SPYDASTRONG




Spyda the dj, born Emerson Gibson, was diagnosed at MedStar Washington Hospital with Stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma in August 2012. Since his diagnosis he has completed chemotherapy and radiation at Washington Cancer Institute, an autologous transplant at the University of Maryland Medical Center and consulted with Johns Hopkins. After several relapses Spyda underwent a Haplo-identical stem cell transplantation at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in November 2015. During his extended hospital stay, Spyda and his medical team led by Dr. Sawa Ito fought to bring his health to a status that allowed him to return home on June 10, 2016. This site was created as a response to the numerous questions asking “How can I help?” 
We’ve won a few battles but the war against Lymphoma has only just begun.
SpydaStrong began as a humble response to family, friends and supporters who wanted to help and has since morphed into much larger goal:
Supporting Lymphoma Awareness Worldwide