Good Day World…

Good day World, hope all is well, glad we all woke up today… “Try” make the best of it but at least enjoy some part of the day if not all of it. We are all leaders and don’t have to join a line to do great things, you can start anytime/anywhere… S/O to those fighting the good fight against whatever challenge(s) their facing, hang in there, you’re doing great!! Since being diagnosed with #Lymphoma #Cancer I’ve experienced and learned A LOT. As a professional I’ve always had a high level of success because I plan ahead to keep ahead, but then life after Lymphoma taught me how to stay afloat in ever changing times, sometimes your plans are no longer options, something that I wasn’t really used to. Having to deal with this roller coaster ride for 4 years has made me mentally stronger, more efficient, innovative and forward leaning, it’s a great lesson to learn at a high price but I’ll take it… #SPYDASTRONG


2 thoughts on “Good Day World…

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I love how you are evolving in this challenging journey and encourage others to be amenable to change. Stay as amazing as you are!


  2. You are so my HERO today. I try hard to NOT feel sorry for myself, to be grateful for LOVE and LIFE. But today, I’m feeling myself…missing my Mama who i lost to cancer. Feelin myself…but every time i get in this mood you show up and remind me of how Blessed i am how far ive come and the Life i have within me and in front of me.
    You remind me that i had the courage to fight cancer! I fought and won, so this temporary set back is ok, i can and will make it! Thank you so much for being my shining star my light in the dark.
    I can only hope that I can provide half the joy the support the love to someone that give to me to us by just showing up every day. Thank you!


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