4 years ago today.

4 years ago… I’ve been very open about me journey since the day I was diagnosed w/ Lymphoma in August 2012, these post were never or currently meant to draw attention, just me simply documenting some of my everyday experiences, whether they’re considered good/bad, interesting or use less they’re mine to cherish and preserve. I live for me, my family and loved ones, don’t study ppl, just be… Good morning and make it a GREAT day World 😊

#TBT Dec. 2nd 2015

#TBT December 2nd 2015 at NIH, this was my first phase of GVHD after Chemotherapy and Radiation. This happened to me inside and out, same way my skin looked outside is how I was peeling inside, it wasn’t a pleasant experience, but like everything else I’ve been through in life and especially the past for years of being diagnosed with #Lymphoma, I just try to take it “One day at a time”. We all have our own struggles and challenges, whether they’re public knowledge or not you still have to face it… Try to be your biggest support and be motivated by being better. I only post this picture because of a conversation I had with someone who is going through it, and they said they wish they could be like me… I said, “be careful what you wish for, you have no idea the road I trod”, stop live off ppl timelines folks, there’s a lot of real life sh%t going on that’s not floating around on social media. Fin.

My Birthday (Aug, 24th)

Thankful, blessed and humbled to see another year of life on this Earth, hoping to see many many more. To all who CALLED 😳 (although I’m not a phone person, lol), texted, messaged, emailed and sent cards/gifts/donations etc… I truly appreciate it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the continued love and support, it means a lot to me. Bless and enjoy your day 👊🏾 #HappyBirthdayMe #SPYDASTRONG #LocalSUPERHERO 😏

Lamin and Boniface.

Two of my favorite guys, Lamin (Gambia) & Boniface (Nigeria), they helped to take perfect care of me when I was in the hospital for four months earlier this year, I know it’s their job but I truly appreciate how professional and genuine these gentlemen are… Ultimate respect 👊🏾 // #SPYDASTRONG 

4 years ago…

This is the month I was diagnosed with #Lymphoma 4 years ago… I remember feeling really sick while spinnin’ in Pittsburgh July 29th 2012, went to the doctor 2 weeks after (first available appointment). Doctor found I had lots of fluid on my left lung, I was only surviving on one lung for who knows how long, I was sent directly to the ER, couple days after is when I found out my entire life had just changed… This picture was taken in the ER that day, I’ve always had the same attitude and approach, never been a heavy or negative person, ever thankful for life. #TrueStory #SPYDASTRONG 

Weekly Meds.

Fighting Cancer has made me such a more responsible and efficient person, especially when it comes to non-work stuff… High price to pay but a great attribute to have 😊. Refilling my medication for the week, fully loaded!!